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Rear Entry Sex Positions

Rear entry sex positions in pictures

What advantages does rear entry sex have? First of all, a man has lots of flexibility in how he moves, and the type of thrusts he can make.

He can move deeply or not as he chooses, and he can watch himself as he goes in and out of her vagina, which can be a powerful turn-on.

And his female partner can move her hips in all kinds of ways, so she can either remain still as he thrusts, or she can meet his movements with back and forward thrusts of her pelvis. If the man chooses to lean forward and embrace his partner, he can use one hand to caress her stomach and breasts and he can always reach around and tease her clitoris.

He can also see her bottom, which is a very powerful sexual stimulus for most men, and he has free access to her anus, which may be exciting if a couple like anal play.

Alternatively the man may remain still and allow his female partner to thrust her hips back and forwards along his penis - a unique kind of movement which is very different and exciting for the man, hinting at his partner's eagerness to embrace his penis. 

If a couple think rear entry sex positions are not intimate there are ways to make it seem less lustful. A mirror placed strategically in front of the couple will allow the man and woman to look into each other's eyes and establish greater connection - apart from which, the experience of watching their lovemaking can very sexy in itself.

A lot of couples find that the man slips out when they make love this way - this has nothing to do with the size of his penis!

The man needs to learn to establish a slow steady rhythm and control the depth of his strokes so that he does not slip out as he thrusts. And if the woman moves her hips as well, it may take a little time for the couple to learn a comfortable rhythm. But the results are well worth it!

The rear entry sex position described - basic rear entry

The woman lies on her stomach or kneels on all fours, with her lover kneeling behind her. (A standing variation is described below.) He can place his legs inside or outside hers, and then he inserts his penis.

This may take a little orientation until he is used to the angle, and the woman may need to raise or lower her hips to the right height so that he can easily get into her vagina; once he's in, she may wish to close or tighten her legs so as to increase the friction and grip on his penis.

He can thrust away as slowly or as quickly as he likes, and either grip her pelvis or reach around and play with her breasts and clitoris. Deep thrusting is particularly easy, and the man can stimulate the upper inside wall of the vagina, where the G-spot is located, in a way he cannot in other positions.

The intensity of the experience means that a man will come quickly and so it can be a good way to finish making love after the woman has had her orgasm and the man is ready to enjoy his.


Variations on the basic rear entry

The man standing

A very arousing and powerful position for the man. This is certainly in the top ten favorite positions for men.

The woman lies on the bed with the man on top of her

Again, like all these positions, there are many small variations that a couple can discover for themselves, and which may add a whole new dimension to the experience. It's all about the angle of the penis in the vagina, and, for the man, his ability to see his partner from the rear and take pleasure in the sheer male lustfulness of this act.

This position is a good one for a quick fuck - a man's lustful need to have a simple, straightforward fuck from time to time is often overlooked! It may be easier to make love successfully in this position if the woman has a pillow under her hips so as to raise them a bit for the man to gain easier entry to her vagina.

Rear entry - sitting

You can do this in a chair, with the man sitting down and the woman on top of him, facing away (or even towards, though of course that is hardly a rear entry sex position). Or you can do it as shown in the picture below.

It's a very restful position for both man and woman, and the female can move as quickly or as slowly as she wishes, either thrusting her hips up and down, or in a circular pattern, or in a gentle rocking motion. The depth and speed of lovemaking are under her control. A nice, gentle position, especially good when either partner is not strong or is disabled.

A man's viewpoint

Well, it's just too exciting! The sight of my penis going in and out of her vagina, glistening with her juices, her buttocks framing the whole scene, as she bends down in this most unambiguous gesture of sexual invitation, tends to make me ejaculate more quickly than any other position. This isn't something I feel need to stop - premature ejaculation - it's just that this sex position is so, well, lewd and base - but by that I don't mean anything negative.

Over the years I've heard several women describe rear entry sex as "dirty", and while I know some of them have meant sexy, raunchy and arousing (especially when they're horny), I also think others have meant just what they said - dirty, debasing, animalistic. Shame, really, because I doubt any man would ever think in those terms.

It's my guess that most men just get too aroused when rear entry's on the menu to think clearly about the politics and gender roles involved - when their partner bends forwards, exposing her vulva, with a look of invitation on her face, they just want to fuck her! 

I just wonder if many women really appreciate the degree of sexual desire and arousal that the majority of men have to live with for most of the time. Sure, women know men want sex a lot, and usually more often than a woman wants it.

This widely accepted fact has become the subject of many jokes, more or less well-intentioned, about men's sexual appetite over the years, but it doesn't convey the internal male sexual experience to a woman. But how can either gender ever understand the other's thoughts and feelings about sex? Maybe they can't, but I think we can get some clues from the differences in attitude between men and women towards rear entry sex. 

I would venture that most women only want rear entry sex when they are feeling very horny or when they want to please their boyfriend, despite claims it is a very popular position. They probably prefer it when in the security of a good relationship.

They may not fully understand why he wants to fuck them in this way so badly, but they know it's important to him and they get pleasure from his satisfaction. I'd say the horniness which women experience from time to time, especially around ovulation (so I'm led to believe), the horniness which is likely to make them act more sexually, and to want to fuck, rather than to make love, is the nearest they can get to an insight into men's sexuality.

Perhaps women need to appreciate that for men sexual desire is like that a great deal of the time. This is not to claim that all men constantly feel horny, but it's true that most men feel more arousal and desire than most women, most of the time.

That's what makes us want to enjoy rear entry, because it's just so intensely arousing for us; and we men, believe it or not, like to be intensely aroused, have sex, ejaculate and feel the relief....not that this relief may last very long, of course.

Having said that, women tend to get more aroused during sex if their lover is skillful and caring enough to spend enough time on foreplay; by contrast, men can become more emotional and loving during sex (though probably not during rear entry sex, which is much more a physical experience).

Men can connect with their feelings of love during more tender sex, such as you get making love in the man on top, the woman on top, and, especially, the side by side positions. You know what? That old cliché about men wanting sex and through it feeling their love for their partner, while women give sex to men so as to be loved, might just have some truth in it!


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