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Great Relationships Depend On Having Good Sex!

The way that you treat your partner is probably a mirror of the way they treat you, and so if you are kind and loving, or at least if you see yourself as kind and loving, when a breakup happens, the wounding and emotional pain are all the greater because what you feel you've given out is so valuable and precious.

Yet the truth of the matter is that in every breakup, both the ex-boyfriend in the ex-girlfriend have conflicting issues which get in the way of clear perception.

Rarely is a relationship breakup due to one person's actions alone: it's always due to a combination of circumstances and people who haven't dealt with their historical emotional wounds, their emotional wounds from childhood, the issues that prevent them being the fully mature person they can be. These wounds are held in shadow, and require a form of therapy known as "shadow work" or "emotional process work" to resolve them.

So when you break up with somebody, and you really want to get back together with them because you know that you love them very deeply and dearly, and that they are fundamentally the right person for you, then your first action has to be to work on your old emotional issues and old wounds. This is what we cal emotional baggage.

Only then will you be in a position to actually deal with the problems you face and only then will you be in a position to deal with the issues that kept you apart in the first place. Only then will you be able to have a mature relationship free of anger, rage, grief, and general emotional anxiety.

One of the best ways to do this is to engage in shadow work which is a form of Jungian psychology or active psychotherapy, which allows you to access old wounds in a very quick and easy way, often in a safe container of people who are supporting you, and then radically altered the historical "recordings" that you have in your mind, so that you see yourself in a very different way.

However, working on your shadow is an option to deal with historical wounds that are preventing you from enjoying a relationship may allow you to see how your ex partner may, in fact, have been the right one for you! You see, working on your shadow offers a whole range of practical techniques that you enable you to move forward into a new relationship with an ex-partner. This would clearly be helpful if you come to realise you really want to get back together with an ex-partner after a relationship breakup.

There are, of course, other approaches to this situation. One of the best I've found is a program set out by Michael Fiore. He has written an Internet "Relationship Recovery" program named "Text Your Ex Back". This reveals how your boyfriend or girlfriend, or rather your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, may be responsive to a certain approach if you wish to get back together with them.

man and woman making loveThat approach is not an emotional one, nor is it seduction, nor is it charm, nor is it whining and neediness. All of these are approaches used by people who want to get back together with an ex-partner, but strangely enough, these approaches rarely work. I'll leave you to work out why!

Much more productive approaches can generate a sense of belonging, a sense of togetherness, a sense that actually your relationship is the right one. This is the view of the mature couple who can see living together as a good option which offers support, companionship, mutual respect, love, admiration, and so on. These are the values of humanity at its finest.

So what's with the idea of texting an ex-partner to get back together?

Can it really be true that texting your partner, or rather your ex-partner, is a way of establishing a NEW relationship that is meaningful and productive? Well, modern psychology suggests that there are many different behavioral techniques that can get people back together after breakup, and one of them is to separate their feelings from their desires.

In other words you're not going to start trying to get back together with your ex because you believe that it's going to be good for your ego. Nor are you going to do it because you feel lonely without them. Rather, you will get back together with an ex partner because you actually believe that's the best thing for both of you, in the long-term. This allows you both to enjoy natural personal growth and development, as well as increasing your happiness and relationship success.

So Mike Fiore's techniques allow you to approach your partner, your ex-partner, by sending text messages. All of these have been carefully prescribed in a form your that allows you to separate your emotional wounds from your communication, so you can express what you want and how you want it in a non-emotional way.

Truth of the matter is, a lot of communication these days is done by text message, so why we should be surprised that the concept of relationship repair taking place in the same way?

I also want to write briefly about a program that is available on the Internet called Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever (see more relationship and dating advice). I know there is a great deal of cynicism about programs like this, but the simple truth is that they can be extremely useful in enabling people to build an intimate relationship which provides ffulfillment and emotional satisfaction.

I should emphasize that Capture His Heart has been reviewed very thoroughly in a number of places, including by me, a practicing therapist and counselor, and it has been applauded by everybody who has seen it. You may wonder what the qualifications are to write an Internet program consisting of online dating advice: well, they are probably are just about the same as the qualifications to write an Internet site offering advice on any subject!. That is to say, you have some experience in the field, you can write well, you're an intelligent individual, and you know what you're talking about.

I don't mean to be facetious when I say this, because actually those are all very specific and quite essential attributes. The individuals responsible for Capture His Heart are Claire Casey and Michael Fiore, who are experienced in the field of relationship advice and Internet programming. Together they have produced a very helpful and essential program which can enable people to build intimacy and enjoy happy and successful relationships.

Capture His Heart starts by offering insight for women into the behavior of men, explaining what makes men behave in the way they do, and what motivates them to pursue a woman do they can have a relationship.

Fiore provides great emphasis on traditional gender roles, a viewpoint which may not be popular with feminists. My own understanding of human nature gathered over years of therapy and counseling is that we are most fulfilled when we operate within the dictates of our genetic inheritance.

And there is the genetic inheritance within us influences our behavior more in the area of dating and relationships than just about any other area of human behavior. You may not believe this now, but I would suggest that after you've reviewed Mike Fiore's program, Capture His heart and Make Him Love You Forever, you may well have good reason to change your mind!

And I can confirm, having bought the program, that he and his co-author, Claire Casey, have indeed broken down male behavior into its fundamental components. They offer an explanation of male psychology which is certainly one of the best available on the Internet.

Now of course establishing a successful relationship is not just about understanding the behavior of the opposite sex. You also need advice on dating behavior, intimate relationships, dealing with your own emotional issues, and coming to understand your partner in a way that builds trust and intimacy.

The great thing about capture his heart and make him love you for ever is that it provides all this information in a simple form that people can readily understand without entering into a complicated process of counseling and therapy.

The short fact of the matter is that I don't think you will find a better relationship advice program this one anywhere on the Internet.

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