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I want to mention a special sexual technique here called the coital alignment technique.

This has revolutionized many people's sex lives in recent times because it provides a way for the man to bring a woman to orgasm during intercourse even if she is not sensitive enough in her G spot area to cause her to orgasm through vaginal stimulation alone.

The premise of the coital alignment technique is that by stimulating the woman's clitoris during intercourse she can be bought orgasm.

Indeed of course many people know this already, but the fact of the matter is that it can be inconvenient to reach the woman's clitoris during intercourse with a hand, particularly if you are making love in a position where the lower parts of your bodies press closely together.

The idea of making love in such a way that a woman's clitoris could be stimulated (because that is actually the most reliable way of bringing most women to orgasm) is not that new I think the idea for the coital alignment technique originated in the 1970s, but whatever the history of the matter, it certainly has proved to be an effective technique for increasing sexual pleasure.

The idea is that it's a modified kind of "missionary" or "man on top position", which requires the couple to make love in such a way that the man's pubic area repeatedly and gently rhythmically stimulates the woman's clitoral area.

This is not, I must emphasize, stimulation apply directly to the clitoris by the man's penis or fingers, although you often see it referred to in the literature as friction between the "base of the man's penis" and the woman's clitoris, which is responsible stimulating woman's clitoris.

That is not in actual fact true the reality of the matter is that it is the general area of the man's body around the base of his penis which is designed to bump into the area of the woman's clitoral structures not the glans of the clitoris nor indeed the legs of the clitoris, and certainly not the G spot inside her vagina.

Now you may wonder why this doesn't happen during normal intercourse, and it transpires that one of the reasons is that most women's clitorises are located too far away from the vaginal opening to receive any stimulation as the man thrusts in and out in a horizontal plane which is more or less the orientation of the erect penis during normal man on top sex.

During the use of the coital alignment technique, a couple will orient their bodies so that the man's erection is angled rather sharply downwards, approaching an angle of as much as 90 to his body.

This is done by him entering the woman in the normal way, then shifting his body upwards towards her head, in the process "bending" his erection backwards, or downwards, bringing the area of his pubic mound into connection with her clitoral area.

You can see that if the two bodies come together in a certain way, that could stimulate the clitoris - and those movements are to have the man was gently "going up and down" as the woman is making movements in synchrony with him.

Photos of the clitoral alignment technique

And that is, no more and no less than that, the whole idea behind the clitoral alignment technique to allow the man and the woman to move in such a way that the rhythmic rocking of their pelvises will bring those two parts of their bodies into contact in a way that will stimulate the woman to orgasm.

Now you may think that this sounds too good to be true, but it is actually a very effective way of bringing to orgasm a woman during intercourse but keep in mind, please, that only about 10% of women can reach vaginal orgasms by thrusting of the erect penis in the vagina. At least, that is what we are told. Whereas, taught correctly, 80% of women will orgasm with the CAT during sex.

Now I happen to think that there are far more women who could be orgasmic through vaginal stimulation if men could actually last for long enough to provide them with sufficient stimulation to bring them to orgasm.

We know that for most women who can orgasm in this way the period between penetration and orgasm is going to be quite prolonged perhaps as long as 20 minutes and most men can't last more than 7 minutes at the most. (That's because we know that the average period of intercourse is around 3 to 9 minutes at the most, with a skewed distribution towards the shorter end of that spectrum.)

What this means is that most men will ejaculate far more quickly than their woman can come to orgasm through intercourse aka PIV sex which stands, of course, for penis in vagina sex.

Whether or not you think that men ought to be increasing their ability to last longer during intercourse, or whether or not you think women ought to be increasing the sensitivity of their G spot to stimulation, is an irrelevance most men are not interested in lasting longer during sex, and most women are not interested in increasing the sensitivity of their vaginal G spot.

So what this means is that the coital alignment technique provides an effective and useful way in which a couple who have no motivation to improve their sexual experience in any other way can potentially achieve orgasm during intercourse.

And the benefit of orgasm during intercourse is that it can bring a couple much closer together spiritually and emotionally during the act of physical union.

For this reason it's highly recommended, but it isn't simple or easy to follow and understand the instructions that are generally given for the coital alignment technique, shrouded as they often are in mystery!

That's why I recommend you go to a useful website which is devoted solely to the subject which will explain to you the alignment of male and female bodies which is absolutely necessary before the coital alignment technique can possibly be brought into effect and made to work for the sake of a woman's orgasm and sexual pleasure.


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