Male Sexuality Facts

Facts, Theories, And Information on Male Sexuality:
  External Sexual Anatomy In Men

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Male Sexuality Facts

explores the sexual anatomy, behavior and sexual psychology of men, and includes questions sent to the author of the site, and his answers, as background to some of the issues discussed. The social and sexual context of male sexuality is also explored. The first section of the site, which you can find below, is all about male sexuality.

The External Male Sexual Organs

Men's sexual organs consist of  the external genitals - the penis and the scrotum - and the internal genitals (testicles, prostate gland, and so on).

The Penis

The penis consists of the head, called the glans, and the shaft or body. At the very tip of the glans is the urethral opening through which urine and semen leave the body (urination and ejaculation).

The glans is covered by a fold of skin called the prepuce or foreskin. The foreskin is like a hood and can be rolled back to expose the head of the penis, except in newborn boys.

Shortly after birth some boys have this skin removed by a procedure called circumcision. The glans is smooth and contains many nerve endings, making it very sensitive.

Surrounding the back part of the glans or head of the penis is a rim called the corona. On the bottom or underside of the penis where the head and body of the penis meet is a sensitive area called the frenulum.

The tissue of the glans is mucus membrane, rather than skin, and as such is much more sensitive than the skin of the shaft of the penis. It is also susceptible to abrasion and infections, such as yeast infections.

The body or shaft of the penis is made up of soft tissue very much like a sponge. This spongy tissue is served by numerous blood vessels that pump in much more blood during sexual excitement.

The rapid, forceful expansion of these spongy tissues throughout the entire penis causes it to become firm and to grow in size, ready for, first and foremost, sexual intercourse.

This growth from a soft (flaccid) penis to a harder, stiffer penis is called erection. There are no bones or cartilages in the penis to cause erection. The penis returns to a softer state after ejaculation or after sexual stimulation stops.

Penile anatomy

Penis Size

Penis growth is most rapid during puberty and is complete at the end of the pubertal stage - around the age of 17. Many adolescent boys, however, are very concerned that their penises are not big enough, that they will be inadequate for lovemaking.

Almost all boys have doubts about their penis size at some time, but generally experience generally shows that their anxiety was uncalled for.

As they start to have sexual experience they discover that their penis functions adequately and falls in the normal size range. More sexual advice is available here.

When a penis is soft, it usually hangs loosely away from the body and averages about three to four inches in length and one inch in diameter, though every one differs - some are smaller and some larger.

Women in a sexual relationship with a man are often confused or perplexed abut how much men are obsessed with their penises....or they just do not know how their relationship partner man might see his penis.

So here is a little advice for women in a romantic or sexual relationship with a should not be caught up in his penis envy - constant reassurance from you that he has a fabulous penis is simple and easy for all couples to incorporate in their relationship!

And the man should reciprocate by reassuring his partner that she has the most desirable vulva he ever saw! that way, relationship harmony will be assured - at least around these issues!

Also keep in mind that if you use the correct sexual techniques, you won't need a big penis. The Coital Alignment Technique can help a woman reach orgasm during intercourse easily. Check out this page for more.


coital alignment technique

The problem with stating an average penis size is that the same penis can vary even when soft.

For example, cold air, cold water, fear or anxiety generally cause the penis (and the scrotum and testicles) to be pulled closer to the body, so reducing the apparent size.

A soft penis can actually lengthen in warm water or when the man is completely relaxed. A man's weight, build and height bear no relation to the size of his penis in either the soft or erect state.

The penis is said to shrink in size if not used enough - use it or lose it. But this only occurs when a  man is experiencing the decreasing hormones of his post-50 years. This is indeed a time when sexual activity keeps a man fit and his penis healthy.

Some men fear their penis will be trapped in a vagina but there is no evidence that this has ever happened. Penis size is not related to body size or body build, so it cannot be predicted by nose size, thumb size, foot size or any other feature.

The Kama Sutra, the famous love guide from India, describes men as hares, bulls or horses depending on their penis size and shape and suggested that the man should be matched sexually with a woman whose vagina matched his penis size.

This is mostly untrue - the effect of penis size on sexual pleasure is, regrettably, mostly a psychological issue.

Premature ejaculation

Should you happen to be a man who shoots his load too soon for your liking (or that of your partner) then you might wish to get some help from a treatment program designed to enable you to exert some self control during lovemaking.

Greater ejaculation control is all about knowing how aroused you are, so that you can do something different as you make love to extend the duration of lovemaking. Here are some tips.

However, I can tell you that she is wrong about the average length of intercourse - it is actually between 2 and 3 minutes after penetration.

She's bang on the nail with the causes of premature ejaculation - 90% of premature ejaculation is emotionally based.

Feelings about the penis

The terms castration anxiety and castration complex were developed by Sigmund Freud and are used today by psychoanalysts to describe the concerns young boys and girls have about their genitals.

In Freud's castration theory, a young girl may believe she does not have a penis either as a punishment, because she is not sufficiently loved by her mother, or because she was injured and had to have her penis removed. She may then develop an envy of a boy's penis.

Blaming her mother for her not having a penis, the young girl turns to her father in an affectionate and erotic way, beginning the "oedipal phase" of development.

Some psychoanalysts believe that when girls finally realize they do not have a penis like a boy, they begin to feel inferior to boys and may carry those feelings of inferiority throughout their adult lives.

Young boys value their penises and are greatly concerned lest the penis should be lost or harmed. They may indeed become preoccupied with protecting this vital organ.

When a boy enters his oedipal phase he has rather strong affectionate and erotic feelings toward his mother. He sees his father as a rival and may fear that his father will cause harm to his penis in retaliation for this competition for his mother's attention and love.

These feelings are a form of castration anxiety. Castration anxieties in girls and boys can also be produced, according to the theory, by guilt over masturbation, wet dreams and other sexual experiences which may be interpreted as leading to harm to the genitals.

As development continues and when relationships with parents stabilize and are appropriate, both girls and boys move on through other developmental phases toward adulthood. Castration anxiety, so the theory runs, recedes as young people get farther away from childhood.

Problems with the penis

Q. "My friend has to have an operation because the hole at the tip of his penis is in the wrong place. What's that all about?"

A: "Your friend has a condition called hypospadias, which means that the urinary opening is not at the tip of the penis where it usually is, but is somewhere else on the head of the penis or along the shaft. Hypospadias is a congenital abnormality and appears about once in every 600 male births. If the urethral opening is on the head or glans of the penis but not at the tip where it should be, urination as well as sexual activity may not be too great a problem. However, if the opening is along the shaft of the penis, corrective surgery is usual, since urination and sexual technique may be very difficult and quite embarrassing. Infertility may result from some cases of hypospadias since semen has difficulty leaving the misplaced passageway."

Infections may include gonorrhea, sexually transmitted infections such as herpes, and yeast infections. Male yeast infections are just as problematical as female yeast infections, and can cause intense redness and irritation. Check out a review of Yeast Infection No More here. This is generally thought to be the best yeast infection cure on the market.


Erection can take as little as several seconds or it can occur gradually over a longer period of time. Whether it happens rapidly or slowly does not affect a man's ability to enjoy sex or to function effectively.

Erection depends on the blood supply and nerve connections to the penis working properly.

Spongy spaces, the corpora cavernosa and the corpora spongiosa, fill with blood in response to physical stimulation, psychological stimulation, or both. An erect penis is usually between five and seven inches long with a girth of 5 inches.

Of course, there are normal variations in this range which allow for some smaller and some larger penises. The size of a man's erection is not related to his ability to please a sexual partner or to enjoy sex himself.

Continually thinking about penis size and its adequacy can in fact get in the way of giving and receiving pleasure. The flaccid appearance is no predictor of the size when erect.

A penis which appears to be fairly small is mostly average on erection. Indeed, a "small" flaccid penis can show a remarkable change in size as it erects and a "large" flaccid penis sometimes changes very little in length or thickness as it becomes erect.

There appears to be no obvious relationship between the size of a penis when it is flaccid and its size when it is erect.

Note that not all men can get an erection simply from seeing a naked woman. Especially as we get older, physical contact may be needed to stimulate an erection.

This is also true if a man is bored with his sexual partner or finding her less attractive than she once was - perhaps because she is putting on weight, for example.

Q. "My penis curves a bit when it is erect. Is that normal?"

A: "Yes, it is. Many erect penises are slightly curved. The degree of curve varies from man to man, but it should cause no discomfort, nor should it interfere with sexual activity of any kind. This may be a natural birth condition or the result of hard, fibrous, inflamed tissue in the shaft of the penis, a condition called Peyronie's Disease, which may clear up on their own, but the majority require medical attention. It is normally curable." You can see various sizes and shapes of penis here: Cock pictures and even more dick pictures. Believe it or not, there are even more penis pics here.

Other questions

Q. "How come a man can't ejaculate and urinate at the same time?"

A: "When a man has an erection and reaches the point where he may soon ejaculate the neck of the bladder closes, so that urine cannot get out of the bladder into the urethra, along which semen will pass if the man ejaculates. This is automatic. The body prevents urine and semen from mixing, since the acid content of the urine would weaken the sperm."

Q. "I read about a guy with a hard-on that wouldn't go away for days. Is that possible?"

A: "Yes. The condition you read about is called priapism and is usually caused by non-sexual factors like spinal cord disease, leukemia or sickle cell disease; sometimes it happens for no known reason. In cases of priapism, the increased blood flow that causes erection is unable to leave the penis in its usual way because the release mechanism has failed. Priapism is not related to too much interest in sex or lack of satisfaction with sex. It is extremely painful and may require surgery if the problem does not resolve itself or respond to medical treatment."

Q "I have a strong genital odor. What can I do about it?"

A: "Genital odors are common and vary in strength from person to person. In uncircumcised males they may be caused by smegma, a secretion that occurs under the foreskin. Washing with mild soap should be enough to take care of this. Genital odors can also be caused by urine drops remaining in your undergarments. Pressing the last few drops of urine from the penis after urinating should eliminate this problem. If every day you change your undergarments and wash your penis, scrotum and anal area, you should have no trouble with unpleasant odor.

Strong genital odors can arise for other reasons as well: they can be entirely natural and not related to poor hygiene, and they can also arise because of an infection.

The gonorrhea discharge, sores and lesions in the genital area caused by other sexually transmitted diseases and discharges from infections of the urethra may all lead to strong odors. They will normally disappear once treatment has been started."

Age and erection

Erection usually occurs qui throughout the major part of a man's life. In their later years however, beginning in their 50s and increasingly in the 60s and 70s, men generally take longer to achieve an erection even with sufficient stimulation.

At this stage in a man's life, erection may occur in seconds or it may take several minutes.

This is a normal result of aging, but causes some men distress as they equate the ability to achieve a quick erection with their maleness or with their ability to please a partner.

These painful feelings of inadequacy are often erased as men realize that they are able to last just as long in intercourse before ejaculating as when they were young, and quite often they find they can last longer.

Next: Erectile dysfunction (ED) or Impotence - and plenty of information can be found here on how to prevent premature ejaculation and last longer during sex with complete ejaculatory control.

I think it's important to understand how much of men's sexual dysfunction comes form fear of women - or at least, not being in the fully mature masculine place which is necessary to meet a woman in her power and achieve her respect. If the idea of not being a "boy-man" appeals to you I strongly recommend you to check out the Adonis Index body building and weight control program which is described here.

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